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Confused and frustrated by your fancy camera? Let us help with our online, learn-at-your-own-pace workshops, which are mobile-friendly and available anywhere, anytime. Wherever you find yourself, we’ll be right there!

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Unlock your Imagination with Photo Textures

Photoshop is our playground! We love treating every new document as if it were a canvas waiting for inspiration to take off. Want to see how we use textures to create worlds that only live in our imagination? Let's play...

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Photo Veil Collections

Photo Veils are a sheer layer of color that enhance the beauty of the light captured in your photos. They're JPEG files that work with blending modes in Photoshop and Elements, much like photo textures but without the texture, of course!

So if you love clean crisp edits, then we promise you'll fall for the look of Veils on your own photos! But don't take our word for it, see for yourself...

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Share | Photo Stories

Behind every good photograph is a great story to be told. That's why we began sharing Photo Stories on the blog, where we go behind the lens to share photographers' thoughts, gear, and settings. We hope you enjoy!

My 2016 Fourth of July Fireworks Adventure

After weeks of brutal, back-breaking work putting in the back yard at our new house (moving dirt, spreading rock, and laying sod), my husband and [...]

“Uinta Dream” by Scotty Perkins | Photo Stories

Have you ever seen a photo that immediately draws you in. I mean, a photo that looks more like a painting, a work of art, [...]

“The Inside Joke” by Adrian Murray | Photo Stories

As I browsed the Editor's Choice photos on 500px a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon this photo titled "The Inside Joke" by Adrian C. [...]

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Wow Misti! What a wonderful website and community you are building. I am so impressed with this website and the work that has clearly gone into it. Love that Shot is so fresh and fun - way to go!
Stacy Julian
I often say I belong to a sisterhood in the photography world. There are so many women who have come alongside me to teach me new things, make me laugh and highlight my talents. Two of those women are the founders of Love that Shot, run by Michelle and Misti, two sisters who love to share their wealth of knowledge and have FUN (+ they are uber-talented). Be sure to take a peek this week...I promise you'll learn something new!!
Mia Coelho, Photographer
Just want you to know how much I love your site. By far one of the best sites for information on the web!
Kim, Express the Moment